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Three Reasons To Consider Ductless Cooling For That Addition You’re Building

May 22, 2012

If you’re adding on to your home and want an easy solution for air conditioning, consider ductless cooling. These are heat pumps that don’t use ducts to deliver cooled air, which simplifies new construction a great deal. Ductless mini splits offer as much cooling comfort as standard heat pumps, if not more, and offer three distinct advantages over forced air cooling systems.


These systems offer layers of versatility, both in terms of the space’s appearance and your future cooling requirements. Ductless systems have two main components that include the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler. A conduit connects the two, providing the refrigerant, power, vacuum line and the drain pipe. Some compressors can support up to four air handlers, which makes them a good choice for future expansion projects.

The indoor air handlers can sit on the floor, hang from walls or the ceiling. Most ductless cooling systems come with remotes, making system changes easy. The air handlers should be placed for maximum air distribution, giving many decorating or room arrangement options, especially for open interior spaces.

Ease Of Installation

Since the ductless mini-split doesn’t need ducts, they are easy to install. Almost all manufacturers of these systems require that a licensed HVAC technician complete the project to maintain the warranty. The technician drills a small hole through the wall to connect the conduit from the compressor to the air handler. The systems come with the right amount of refrigerant inside, so there’s no need to charge the system onsite.

Energy Efficiency

Cooling losses through ducts can account for 30 percent of losses or more if the ducts leak or have kinks. Ductless cooling has no losses and vent directly into the room. The energy efficiency ratings for mini-splits are equal to those for all central air conditioners, with the lowest SEER rating standing at 13. SEER is the abbreviation for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and higher SEER ratings indicate more efficiency.

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