Don't Neglect Ductless Mini Split Maintenance -- Tackle It Now

Don’t Neglect Ductless Mini Split Maintenance — Tackle It Now

Jun 4, 2013

Tackle ductless mini split maintenance early, along with your heat pump or A/C tuneup, and you’ll avoid cooling complaints when the Orlando area reaches peak temperatures and humidity. Follow this simple guide to ensure your mini split can keep you comfortable this summer.

Why ductless mini split maintenance is important

Ductless mini splits are either air conditioners or air-source heat pumps, and as such require professional maintenance and homeowner care to perform well through the seasons. Ductless systems rely on optimal refrigerant charge, free airflow, and clean components and drainage to reach peak cooling performance and to maintain maximum moisture removal from indoor living spaces.

Homeowner care entails the following tasks:

  • Air handlers: Clean the air filter monthly during peak seasonal usage. A dirty filter restricts airflow, which makes the air handlers consume more electricity to maintain airflow. Also, when airflow is restricted, the ductless system is overworked, which can cause ice accumulation on the indoor evaporator, leading to poor performance and possible component malfunctions. Visually inspect the components for signs of mold.
  • Outside unit: The area around the outside unit should be free of obstructions that may hinder airflow. Periodically check the unit to keep it clean of strewn debris, leaves or anything else that blocks airflow. Make sure the unit does not get wet from the sprinkler system. Chemicals in treated water can corrode components.

Professional ductless mini split maintenance is necessary at least once a year. Your HVAC professional will perform the following tasks:

  • Air handlers: Remove and clean the filters. Inspect IAQ components and evaporator for mold and debris, and clean as needed. Clean evaporator coils ensure optimal cooling and moisture removal. He will clear and treat the drainage system to prevent algae and mold growth, and will test programming and remote-control functions.
  • Outside unit: Inspect for refrigerant leaks at the condenser, lines and conduit. He will measure refrigerant and charge as needed; clean components, and check electrical contacts and function. He will ensure the unit is level and check drainage.

If you would like to schedule professional ductless mini split maintenance, please contact us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today. We provide expert service, repairs and installation for Orlando-area homeowners and businesses.

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