Ductless Mini Splits: When Are They The Best Choice?

Ductless Mini Splits: When Are They The Best Choice?

Jul 17, 2012

If you are searching for a practical and energy-efficient means to cool and heat specific areas of your home, such as new additions, retrofits, and bonus rooms, ductless mini splits are great alternatives to extending ducts of a central HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, or when you’re installing a window or wall air-conditioning (A/C) unit.

Components of ductless mini splits 

Ductless mini splits may be your best choice for conditioning living space for many reasons. For one, they are compact in design. The indoor unit, or air handler, is installed high on walls for effective conditioning of specific rooms in which it’s installed. This installation location means that you save floor space, and can preserve the aesthetic of your rooms. There are no bulky ducts to contend with, nor is there the leaky factor that can occur with window A/C units.

The indoor air handler connects to the outdoor unit via a thin, 3-inch conduit, which contains refrigerant tubing, condensate tubing, electrical power, and suction. The conduit is installed out of sight, within your home’s cavities, such as in the walls, crawl spaces, basement and attic. The conduit only needs a 3-inch to 4-inch opening through your home’s exterior wall to gain access to the outdoor compressor unit.

The outdoor compressor is compact in size. It installs up to 50 feet (or more, depending on the model) from each air handler. This gives you great flexibility when choosing where to install the indoor and outdoor units.

Comfort and efficiency

Ductless mini splits offer all of this versatility and convenience, as well as high energy efficiency and superior home comfort, along with quiet operation. Ductless mini splits compete with high-efficiency air conditioners for cooling efficiency, and they are much more efficient for heating than furnaces and baseboard heaters.

Furthermore, a ductless mini split system is a zoned system. Each air handler delivers independent temperature control. You save money by conditioning specific areas when you need it, and if you use ductless mini splits with separate programmable thermostats, you’ll conserve even more energy and money.

For versatility, energy efficiency, and comfortable heating and cooling when and where you want it, you may find ductless mini splits are your best choice. Contact Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning for more information. We provide excellent service and installationfor all HVAC necessities in the greater Orlando area.

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