Feel Comfortable in All Weather with a Generator

Erratic Weather Patterns Across The Country Mean Orlando Homeowners Need A Stand-By Generator More Than Ever

Aug 9, 2011

Weather forecasters have had their work cut out for them recently, with crazy weather patterns creating severe droughts at the same time as severe flooding, and both snowstorms and tornadoes occurring on the same day in different locations.

Here in Central Florida, we know a little bit about erratic weather: We have more thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and tornadoes per square mile than any other part of the country. Thankfully, relatively few storms end up doing widespread damage–except when it comes to power outages, where even a single downed tree can cause a blackout affecting thousands.

Blackouts will occur, as a fact of modern life, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. With stand-by generators, you can keep your home or business running at full power, no matter what Mother Nature does.

There are probably several stand-by generators in your neighborhood, but you may not have noticed them because they’re rather inconspicuous. They are installed outside a building, similar to an air-conditioning unit, and somewhat resemble air conditioners in both looks and in how they operate. An air conditioner senses when your home reaches a certain temperature, and comes on to provide cooling power. Similarly, a stand-by generator senses when the electricity goes out, and turns on to provide electric power. It does so by using a small engine to turn a generator, providing alternating current (AC) power at the exact same frequency and voltage that the utility company usually provides. The engine runs on natural gas or propane from your home’s supply line, so you never have to worry about it running out of fuel.

All of this makes stand-by generators completely automatic and maintenance-free; they do their job without you having to lift a finger. The pitch black of a power outage is the worst time to be stumbling through the house, or out into the storm, to try to fix a problem. With a stand-by generator, the power is back on after a few seconds, allowing you to continue with your life as normal.

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