Replacing Your Furnace? What to Consider Before Making the Purchase

Replacing Your Furnace? What to Consider Before Making the Purchase

Oct 16, 2014

If it looks as though your furnace is in trouble, especially if you’ve checked to be sure that there are no easy-to-fix problems affecting the furnace’s performance, you may want to consider replacing it. After all, an old and inefficient HVAC system won’t help you save money on energy costs – in fact, it will only cost more over time. It’s always better to be proactive rather than face an emergency situation.

If you’re considering replacing your furnace, here are some points to consider when making your choice:

  1. Decide if you will use the type of fuel that your existing furnace uses or consider the type that you will switch to? Gas and oil are two types of fuel to use for your furnace, but they’re not the only heating option to choose from. Heat pumps are also a great choice for our Florida climate, as they use the heat in the air outside the home to heat the inside of the home.
  2. Choose the correct size furnace for your house. Have your contractor perform a load calculation, which takes into account the insulation in the walls and roof, your windows’ insulation value, the size of your home and a number of other factors. This will help ensure that your new furnace will meet your home’s unique needs.
  3. Keep efficiency in mind. If you’re looking for a high-efficiency model, you will likely end up paying more up front than with a less efficient model. But over time your purchase will pay off, as you’ll be spending less to heat your home each month.
  4. Factor in the cost of labor. Keep in mind that if your duct work requires any repair or modification in order to accommodate your new furnace, the cost of labor will increase.

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