Don’t Suffer Through An Emergency Without A Standby Generator

Don’t Suffer Through An Emergency Without A Standby Generator

Oct 30, 2012

If you’re like most people, your daily routine is powered by electricity. From a hot, morning shower and a hot cup of home-brewed coffee, to the evening news and Internet surfing, electricity is a dependency that many people take for granted. Until it stops, that is. That’s why you should consider purchasing and using a standby generator.

Weather conditions can be fickle in and around the Orlando area. Violent storms can spring up and damage power facilities. When that happens, you could be plunged into darkness, with no means of communication or powering your electronic devices, unless you own a standby generator.

Consider the advantages

A standby generator is permanently fixed near your home, like a heat pump or air conditioner. When the power goes down, you do nothing; the generator takes over. It senses when utility power is lost, and a transfer switch automatically signals there’s a problem, and turns on the unit so that it begins producing electrical power.

Because you no doubt have myriad services in your home that require electricity, but which you don’t necessarily require during a power outage, you can decide at installation which ones continue running. If you want, all services continue or only a few. If you want to continue running your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), your hot-water heater, and refrigeration, but nothing else, that’s where the standby generator supplies power. If you want a few outlets and your security system to continue, that’s what will have power. The decision is yours based on your needs and the size of unit that you select.

Once your standby generator starts, you can leave your home, and all of your systems will continue running. Your home is protected with a continuous supply of electricity as long as the fuel source is available, and these generators operate on propane or natural gas. They will operate for days or hours, depending on the size of the unit that you select. Once your electricity comes back on, your standby generator automatically shuts off.

So for peace of mind for you and your loved ones, not to mention comfort, security, food and communications during a power outage, you should definitely consider installing a standby generator. It makes all the difference.

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