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Now’s the Time for Heat Pump Maintenance – Tasks for You and Those for a Pro

Jun 11, 2013

Maintaining your heat pump is essential for ensuring it operates efficiently during the long Orlando area cooling season. A neglected heat pump can use up to 25 percent more energy to operate than a well-maintained one, resulting in higher energy bills and a larger carbon footprint. Additionally, a poorly maintained heat pump is more likely to experience problems during the hottest part of the summer, when your system is working extra hard to keep you comfortable.

If you haven’t already scheduled professional heat pump maintenance, now’s the time to do it. Your qualified HVAC technician will perform a complete tune-up of your system, including these important tasks:

  • Measure the level of refrigerant, fine-tune it if necessary and check for leaks.
  • Clean and tighten electrical connections and belts.
  • Lubricate the motor to eliminate friction.
  • Check the electric control to ensure the heat pump locks out heat when the thermostat is set to cool.
  • Clean and adjust your thermostat for optimum accuracy and comfort.
  • Inspect the interior components of the system for damage and dust buildup.
  • Check your ductwork for loose connections and cracks, and seal damage.

After your tune-up, these DIY tasks will keep your heat pump in top working order all summer long:

  • Replace your air filter when it’s dirty. Check your filter every month and replace it with a good-quality, pleated filter to ensure optimum air flow, keep your system’s interior clean and improve your indoor air quality.
  • Remove plant growth from next to your outdoor unit. Plants growing next to your unit can impede the flow of air to your system and result in damage to the compressor and overall inefficiency. Sweep away grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris for the same reason.
  • Hose down the outdoor unit every month to remove dirt and debris.
  • Keep obstructions away from your indoor supply and return registers to promote good air flow and cooling power.
  • Keep the area around your indoor unit clean to prevent dust buildup in your system and ensure accessibility in the event service is needed.

For more expert advice about heat pump maintenance, please contact us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, keeping Orlando area residents comfortable year round.

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