A Look At High-Performance Features On Today's Furnaces

A Look At High-Performance Features On Today’s Furnaces

Feb 7, 2013

If the furnace in your Florida home is more than 15 years old, it’s probably quite a bit less efficient than systems on the market today. While your furnace could have an efficiency of less than 70 percent, high-performance systems available now have efficiency ratings as high as 99 percent. If you’re shopping for a more efficient furnace, look for these features.

  • Sealed combustion — Instead of using indoor air for combustion, sealed-combustion furnaces draw in outside air through a PVC pipe. This maximizes efficient use of warm indoor air, prevents drafts, lowers the risk of corrosion and helps to keep combustion gases out of your indoor air.
  • Condensing heat exchanger — Condensing furnaces have two heat exchangers instead of just one. The second heat exchanger draws heat from the first exchanger’s exhaust gases. This feature captures heat that a less efficient furnace would send up the flue.
  • Fuel-saving ignition — Conventional pilot lights burn fuel continuously. To save fuel, modern energy-efficient furnaces use hot-surface igniters or intermittent pilot lights. An HSI works by radiating heat when the thermostat calls for the furnace to turn on. A sensor detects this heat and starts the furnace burner. An IP starts the burner with a spark.
  • Variable-speed blower motor — Electronically commutated motors, which are quiet and highly efficient, maintain a consistent temperature in your home by delivering warm air more slowly when you need less heat.
  • Variable heat output — Some furnaces with variable blower speeds can also vary the heat output, based on your immediate heating needs. This improves efficiency and helps maintain consistent temperatures.

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