Hurricane Season Is Here: Tips for Protecting Your A/C

Hurricane Season Is Here: Tips for Protecting Your A/C

Aug 27, 2013

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, with August and September reigning as the most perilous months. Those who have lived in Central Florida long enough know that we are not immune from these damaging storms. When you are securing your home and making other preparations, do not forget your air conditioner. Whether you have portable units or a large central A/C system, these can suffer if left unprotected.

Protecting window or portable units

  • Turn the air conditioner off.
  • Remove window units from windows and place them on level, stable surfaces indoors.
  • Remove a portable A/C unit’s exhaust duct and store the duct and the unit indoors. Seal the opening until the storm has passed.

Protecting outdoor air conditioners

  • Turn the unit off. This includes shutting off the circuit breaker to prevent electrical shocks in case of flooding.
  • Cover the unit with a tarp or wood panels to protect it from flying dirt and debris.
  • Secure the unit with hurricane straps to minimize movement in high winds.

After the storm

  • Place window units back in windows and place a portable A/C’s ductwork back in the original operating position.
  • Remove protective coverings from outdoor air conditioning units.
  • Inspect the unit for dents or other damage from flying debris. You should also check the base to make sure it did not move around during high winds. If everything looks fine and you did not experience flooding, turn it on when you wish.
  • Call an HVAC professional to inspect any AC component that appears damaged or has been through flooding.

Extra hurricane tips

Humidity in the Orlando area typically soars after a hurricane. Whether you experienced flooding or not, prevent mold in your home by getting as much air flowing through it as possible. If you have a dehumidifier installed, this is all the better.

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