Ignoring HVAC Maintenance Could Have You Facing These Consequences

Ignoring HVAC Maintenance Could Have You Facing These Consequences

Aug 4, 2015

The consequences of ignoring HVAC maintenance range from higher energy bills to preventable part failures. If your system breaks down in the summer, you’ll likely experience a high degree of discomfort, as well. Since HVAC systems include a variety of mechanical and electrical parts, neglecting to schedule professional service annually lays the groundwork for a disappointing performance.

Increased Energy Bills

When the airflow through both the air handler and the outdoor condenser slows because it’s blocked by a dirty filter or landscaping debris around the condenser, the conditioning process slows. This drives up energy usage.

Reduced Lifetime

Dust on the components makes them retain heat longer, which is particularly serious when it covers the blower motors and electrical components. When these parts run hotter, they wear out faster. Besides the buildup of dust and dirt, the lack of preventive maintenance causes smaller problems with the components that directly influence how the rest of the parts work together. Running your A/C with low refrigerant, for example, may even cause compressor failure—and that’s the most expensive part to replace.

Safety Issues 

The consequences of ignoring HVAC maintenance can reduce system safety. HVAC equipment uses a good deal of energy, and when dust and corrosion build on its electrical components, they can heat up enough to start a fire. Another problem associated with inadequate professional maintenance is a cracked heat exchanger. This problem can occur in gas furnaces and emit deadly carbon monoxide into your home’s air.

Over time, the dust on the evaporator or condensing coil might create pinhole leaks that allow refrigerant to escape.

Decreased Comfort 

Even if the lack of service hasn’t reached the point of mechanical or safety problems, you’re likely to experience reduced comfort. Since it takes longer for the system to reach the thermostat’s settings, you’re spending more time—and money—too warm or cool your home.

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