An HVAC Maintenance Agreement: What Should It Cover?

An HVAC Maintenance Agreement: What Should It Cover?

Feb 20, 2014

Although you may think that taking out a service agreement for your Orlando area home’s heating/cooling system is like buying an extended warranty for your vehicle and not really worth the expense, nothing could be further from the truth. The biggest difference is that extended warranties aren’t any good unless something goes wrong.  With an HVAC maintenance agreement, you receive annual service designed to prevent anything from going wrong. A good service plan also provides a long list of other valuable benefits as well.

The way a typical HVAC maintenance agreement works is like this. You pay an annual fee and, in return, receive two checkups per year, one before heating season and one before cooling season. These are preventative maintenance tune-ups meant to keep your equipment running at peak performance. They’re also designed to detect any problems while they’re still small, before they develop into larger problems that will require greater expense and inconvenience to fix. Benefits of semi-annual preventative maintenance tune-ups include:

  • Extending the life-expectancy of your equipment
  • Enhancing overall performance, thereby increasing energy efficiency. This includes lubrication of moving parts, recharging refrigerant if necessary, ensuring solid electrical connections, checking for safe exhaust function and general cleaning, tuning and adjusting
  • Protecting your factory warranty, many of which require maintenance by a professional HVAC service technician in order to be honored in the event of a claim

In addition to the twice-yearly tune-ups provided by a maintenance agreement, several other benefits generally come along with the package. These may include preferential treatment should an unscheduled service call be required. This simply means that should a situation occur requiring you to call in a technician, because you’re a service agreement holder, you’ll move to the head of the line. In addition, should you require any parts, you’ll normally receive a discount on these and also on the cost of labor.

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