Take Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality Throughout Your Home

Take Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality Throughout Your Home

Aug 25, 2015

If the air quality in your Orlando home is less than ideal, it can negatively affect your health, causing symptoms like frequent headaches, congestion, eye irritation or exhaustion, and can worsen the effects of asthma, allergies or other breathing conditions. By improving indoor air quality with the following tips, you can protect your health and make your home more comfortable.

Attic and Basement

Seal roof and plumbing leaks, and reduce or eliminate other sources of moisture to prevent mold growth, which can seriously affect your health and cause damage to your home. Seal and insulate the attic floor and the floor above the basement or crawlspace to prevent airborne contaminants and moisture from flowing into your home, and to reduce heat losses and gains. Also, inspect any exposed air ducts, and have them sealed and insulated, if necessary.


Choose bedding materials that are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, and wash your bedding at least once a week in water that is above 130 degrees. Vacuum your bedroom and closets frequently using a machine with a HEPA filter, and turn on your HVAC system during the process to help control dust.


Repair any plumbing leaks and use exhaust fans while cooking or washing dishes to help keep humidity at healthy levels, between 30 to 50 percent. Take the garbage out frequently and wash kitchen surfaces often to reduce the growth of bacteria and mold.

Living Room

Reduce clutter, vacuum frequently and dust surfaces with a damp cloth or disposable electrostatic wipes to control dust. Seal windows and doors to keep out airborne contaminants.


Use the exhaust fan while bathing and wash surfaces frequently with a bleach solution to prevent mold and mildew.

HVAC System

Have your system professionally maintained at least once a year and change the air filter often to improve efficiency and indoor air quality. For better humidity control, consider adding a whole-home ventilation system or dehumidifier.

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