How a Maintenance Agreement Works in Your Favor

How a Maintenance Agreement Works in Your Favor

Aug 20, 2013

Have you wondered whether a maintenance agreement for your cooling and heating systems is really worth the cost? There are several ways a maintenance agreement can work in your favor. In addition to extending the life of  your HVAC equipment, you can save significantly in terms of energy consumption and discounted repairs. Here are some of the ways our Peak Performance Maintenance Program can benefit you:

Extend the life of your system. You may not require a maintenance agreement for the first few years. However, once your unit is no longer “brand new,” regular maintenance will improve efficiency, which reduces wear and tear and extends its total lifetime.

Energy efficiency. Regular maintenance keeps your unit running efficiently. In an area like ours, where an air conditioner is used 24/7, increased efficiency can add up to thousands of dollars in savings per year. Semi-annual maintenance is the key to keeping electrical connections in good shape, lubricating moving parts, recharging refrigerant, and completing other key tasks that enhance overall performance.

Protect your warranty
. Customers who do their own maintenance and repairs might be shocked to find out their diligent efforts voided their warranty. Today’s high-tech systems require attention from educated, trained and certified professionals in order to protect the full warranty benefits.

Save money on repairs. There are two ways the Peak Performance Maintenance Program will help you save on repairs.

  • Reduce repairs altogether. First, semi-annual maintenance visits mean our technicians catch small issues before they become major. This reduces your overall repair bills.
  • Parts and labor discounts. Customers who join our maintenance program receive 15 percent discounts on all air conditioner and heater parts and labor for the entire year.

Preferential service. While we value all of our customer relationships, we give special priority to those who have existing maintenance contracts. Even the most well-maintained HVAC system can break down from time to time. When that happens to you, you will be given preferential emergency service treatment, which bumps you to the top of the customer service list.

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