Why to Make Insulation a Priority in Your Crawl Space

Make Insulation A Priority In Your Crawl Space: Do You Need More?

Aug 16, 2011

Installing and maintaining the proper amount of insulation in the crawl space of your Orlando home has several advantages. Properly insulating your home’s crawl space:

  • Controls heat flow through your home
  • Saves money on maintenance and energy costs
  • Improves the comfort of your home
  • Increases your home’s resale value

The primary reason for having the optimum amount of insulation in your crawl space is to control heat flow in your home. Depending upon the type of crawl space construction you have, you can easily do so by installing the proper amount of insulation in your crawl space. Because hot air rises and displaces cool air, insulation provides a barrier to the movement of heat from your crawl space to the rest of your home. Your home stays cooler in warm temperatures, reducing costly reliance on your home’s cooling system. Annual maintenance costs and monthly energy bills, therefore, are greatly reduced.

Properly insulating the crawl space of your home increases its appeal and resale value, because prospective buyers in Orlando will be attracted by the lower energy costs associated with a properly insulated home.

There are two main types of crawl spaces typically found in Florida homes: ventilated and unventilated.

A ventilated crawl space used to be the preferred method of home construction, because most building codes required vents to facilitate the removal of moisture from the crawl space. However, ventilation makes it difficult to keep crawl spaces warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This type of construction requires additional insulation to reap the benefits of the ventilation.

If your Orlando home has an unventilated crawl space, it’s best to insulate the foundation rather than the subfloor. A lesser amount of insulation is required and there is less chance of moisture damage. Sealing the space between the crawl space and the main living quarters of these homes is less critical.

Having the optimal amount of insulation in your crawl space has many benefits. The professionals at Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning can help you with your questions about insulating the crawl space of your Orlando home and any other HVAC concerns—contact ustoday.

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