Minimize Airborne Dust

Six Easy Ways To Minimize Airborne Dust

Feb 16, 2012

Airborne dust in the home is something that we’ll never be completely rid of, but there are techniques to minimize exposure. To help keep your home dust-free and your family breathing easier, follow these six tips:

  1. Cut down on clutter: Eliminate as much of the clutter on surfaces as you can. It will make your dusting chores quicker and easier. If you have collections of small items that are important to you, arrange them inside glass display boxes or frames to keep dust out, yet allow others to enjoy them.
  2. Electronics gadgets: Televisions, computer equipment and other technological gadgets can show dust quicker on their smooth surfaces and may even be damaged by excess dust. Don’t forget to vacuum behind big items. Use a canned, forced-air dust blower to get behind control buttons, knobs and keyboards where a dust cloth won’t fit.
  3. Fabric-covered furniture and cushions: Rugs, couches and draperies attract and hide dust and can be a home to dust mites. Vacuum and clean your curtains as frequently as possible. Where possible, machine wash drapes and hang them while still a bit damp to avoid any need to iron.
  4. Bedrooms: Since a surprising amount of time is spent sleeping, you’re exposed to airborne dust in the bedroom more than you might think. Vacuum often using a machine with a good filtration system like a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to make sure you aren’t just spreading dust around.
  5. Kitchen and laundry room: Attack dust behind the refrigerator and clothes washer and dryer, even though it’s out of sight. Buildup can shorten the life of appliances.
  6. Work logically: Begin dusting in one corner and circle back to your starting point and you won’t miss any areas. Don’t neglect light fixtures, lamp shades and blinds where dust may lurk. Then you’re ready to vacuum the whole room, including soft furniture and cushions.

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