Common Home Plumbing Problems That Need Immediate Repair

Common Home Plumbing Problems That Need Immediate Repair

Jan 1, 2015

It’s easy to take your home’s plumbing for granted — that is, until something goes wrong. Some plumbing issues aren’t serious and can wait to be repaired, while other home plumbing problems need immediate attention from a professional. Find out what these are and why you can’t postpone having them fixed.

No Hot Water

This is perhaps the most common reason homeowners call a plumber. Without hot water, you can’t take a shower, do the dishes or wash a hot batch of laundry. Before you call a pro, make sure the pilot light on your gas water heater is lit. Then, double check the temperature setting to ensure your water heater is producing enough heat. If these points are in order, it’s time to call a plumber.

Stopped Drains

A slow drain, albeit annoying, is manageable. However, a completely clogged drain needs immediate attention, or you’ll be left filling bucketfuls of water from the sink and dumping it outside. A plumber can fix this problem, but you can prevent it from happening in the future by watching what you put down the sink.

Burst Pipes

A leaky or burst pipe may occur if a the pipes freeze or a plumbing connection comes undone. You may discover a pipe has burst if water is leaking through the wall or ceiling. Without quick repair, your home could suffer serious structural damage.

Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal

This is a messy, frustrating plumbing problem. Without a functioning garbage disposal, your kitchen sink could fill up indefinitely. Once the repair is made, take steps to prevent the need for future garbage disposal repairs.

Tree Root Intrusion

It’s difficult to tell what’s going on underground, but leaks in the yard or severe sewer blockages are signs tree roots have infiltrated your plumbing. While prevention is the best option, a plumber can fix the problem by digging up the old plumbing in your yard and replacing it.

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