You Should Know the Signs of Poorly-Vented Drain Lines

You Should Know the Signs of Poorly-Vented Drain Lines

Feb 16, 2016

You Should Know the Signs of Poorly-Vented Drain LinesThe drain lines in your plumbing system help ensure that wastewater is removed. They also provide ventilation that pushes harmful substances, such as gases, out of your Orlando home. When you have poorly-vented drain lines, wastewater can’t drain properly and you’re at higher risk of having fumes and gases enter your home. If you have any of the following signs of poor ventilation in your drain lines, you’ll need professional plumbing repair.

Strong Odors

Unpleasant odors coming from your toilet or drains, such as the sulfur-like smell of rotten eggs, means that your drain lines aren’t venting properly. Instead, they’re allowing gases and fumes to get inside your home.

Sluggish Drains

If your shower or sinks drain slowly, poorly-vented drain lines could be the problem. When unclogging the drain with a plunger doesn’t help, this usually indicates that you have a ventilation issue that is preventing water from draining at a normal rate.

No Toilet Water

Your toilet should fill up after being flushed each time, but this might not happen when you have a drain ventilation problem. When this happens, there’s not enough air pressure to hold water in the trap or the pipes to refill your toilet.

Noisy Pipes

Clogged vents in your plumbing system can cause gurgling noises in the pipes after you flush your toilet or as water in the sink or shower drains. These noises occur as water and any waste in the pipes tries to keep moving down them and away from your home.

Toilet Bubbles

Bubbles in your toilet water can show up when a sink or shower is draining. This happens due to a blocked vent or other ventilation issue that causes air to flow up into your toilet water.

If you’ve noticed any signs of poorly-vented drain lines in your Orlando home, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions for plumbing services.

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