Preventive Tips to Keep Roots Out of Your Sewer

Preventive Tips to Keep Roots Out of Your Sewer

Jul 3, 2014

When landscaping your property, it is very important to think about what you’re planting as you don’t want to end up having to dig roots out of your sewer. Removing root blockages in sewage pipes can be an expensive exercise, and prevention is best.


If you’re planning a new garden or revamping an existing one, it’s wonderful to plant trees and shrubs. They not only help to keep your home cool during summer but add green, lush beauty to your yard.

Choose trees carefully, and plant them well away from sewage lines. Your plumber will be able to help you find out where your underground pipes are so that you can avoid them and prevent plumbing emergencies from occurring.


To prevent existing tree roots from forcing their way into sewage lines, you can insert chemicals into pipes or physical barriers alongside pipes. A plumber will be able to advise you on types of growth inhibitors to use, or alternatively you can bury metal or wood barriers vertically next to pipes, extending them 6 to 12 inches below the bottom of the sewage line.

Signs of a Root-Blocked Sewage Line

If your drains are doing any of the following, you may have a root blockage in your sewage line:

  • Overflowing
  • Clogging regularly
  • Flowing slowly
  • Emitting gurgling noises
  • Resisting clearance

What the Plumber Will Do

When you call the plumber to inspect your blocked sewage pipes, a camera probe or power snake may be used to locate the blockage. Once the source of the blockage has been found, your plumber will recommend a course of action, which may be to remove the roots, or if the pipes have been damaged, to replace them.

Only a licensed plumber can lay sewage lines, as there are various regulations with regard to materials and linking up with municipal lines.

If you think your home has blocked sewage pipes and you believe you need to get roots out of your sewer, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today. We have been proudly serving the Melbourne, Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, and Orlando, Florida, areas since 1969.

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