Guidelines for Putting That Programmable Thermostat to Work for You

Guidelines for Putting That Programmable Thermostat to Work for You

Jun 30, 2015

Programmable thermostats are all about convenience, greater comfort and energy savings. To maximize the advantages your thermostat offers, use sensible programs that serve your comfort and energy-saving goals, lifestyle and HVAC system. Consider these guidelines to make sure your programmable thermostat works for you.

Maximize Comfort and Energy Savings

Your programmable thermostat is only going to be useful if you use it right. Adapt the following guidelines to maximize your comfort and energy-saving efforts:

  • Your scheduled activities away from home, such as work hours and the hours you’re asleep, are great opportunities to save. Maintain your energy-saving temperature during these times.
  • Most programmable thermostats offer a “hold” feature that overrides the current schedule. The temporary “hold” resumes your regularly scheduled program at the next event changeover. Try to limit your use of this hold feature.
  • The permanent “hold” or “vacation” setting will override the current program and stay at the new setting until you deactivate it.
  • If you find that you’re using the “hold” feature often for temporary temperature changes, adjust your program accordingly. It’s better to save a little energy than it is to spoil your savings using the “hold” button too much.
  • In the same vein, during extreme temperature changes, turning the A/C way down or the heating system too high won’t cool or heat your home any faster. Consistency is key. Stick with your programs.
  • If you use a heat pump, you’ll activate the electric-resistance backup heating by cranking up the temperature following a turn-back period. Use a programmable thermostat that’s designed for heat pumps so the device slowly brings the home to the programmed setting without activating the backup heating.

Your programmable thermostat can work very well in your Orlando area home if you follow a few guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today for the answers.

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