Start the Year Off Right with Proper HVAC Maintenance

Start the Year Off Right with Proper HVAC Maintenance

Jan 9, 2018

Start the Year Off Right with Proper HVAC MaintenanceIf you want to keep your HVAC equipment in good working condition, it needs regular attention and care, and there’s no better time to get into the HVAC maintenance habit than the start of a new year. Here are some tips that you can implement right away to ensure that your home comfort equipment stays operating at peak performance and efficiency all year long:

Double-Check Your Thermostat Programming

If you’re not getting the maximum energy saving benefits from your programmable thermostat settings this winter, a January re-assessment is in order. Ideally, you need to set eight-degree temperature setbacks for convenient periods each day, like overnight when the household is asleep, or during the day when everyone is away to school or work.

Replace Your Thermostat Batteries

While you’re checking your thermostat programming, it’s an ideal time to replace the unit’s batteries. This may seem unnecessary since the thermostat runs on electricity, but installing fresh batteries periodically ensures that your settings and programming won’t get erased if we experience an unplanned wintertime power outage.

Inspect Your HVAC Air Filter

It’s not unexpected that you might forget about your December air filter check due to the hectic holiday season, but it’s vital not to put if off any longer. If there’s any evidence of dirt or debris on the filter, replace it right away. Monthly filter checkups are one of the most important HVAC maintenance chores for a homeowner, because they can help prevent a decline in system airflow that erodes energy efficiency, or worse, causes an unexpected HVAC system shutdown or damages the components.

Assess Your Supply and Return Registers

Closed or blocked supply and return registers are another common cause of a drop in airflow, as well as temperature variations between rooms and uneven or inadequate heating in a home. Giving each register a cleaning and making sure it’s completely open and unobstructed is a maintenance task that you should tackle every couple of months, and January is the perfect time to get started.

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