To Replace the A/C or Not: Here's Why You Should

To Replace the A/C or Not: Here’s Why You Should

Sep 5, 2013

Your old air conditioning system may still has a few years left before it reaches its predicted service life, but you may decide to go ahead and replace it anyway because of the overall benefits of upgrading to a modern, high-efficiency cooling system. According to, you should begin considering a cooling system upgrade if your A/C is 10 years or older. Even if your system is less than 10 years old, you may be experiencing little things that signal a need for replacement such as rooms not staying cool enough, rising energy costs and an increase in humidity. Here are a few reasons why you should replace the A/C.

Energy efficiency

A new cooling system saves money because current A/Cs, by and large, are much more energy efficient than their predecessors a decade ago. This is especially the case if you select a high-efficiency Energy Star-certified A/C. When a cooling system is outdated or in need of repair, as is often the case with older systems, this can result in inefficient output and cycling for longer periods of time to maintain the desired temperature, which results in higher electricity usage.

Improved air quality

Another reason to update your cooling system is to improve the air quality of the home. Newer systems are more efficient at reducing the humidity level in the home, which can lead to mold growth and breathing difficulties in small children or asthma sufferers. New systems usually are equipped with a variable speed air handler, which adjusts running speed to conditions in your home. This saves on energy but also results in longer, more continuous cycles, for better air filtration and humidity control.

Tax credits help offset the cost

Many people  think that purchasing a new air conditioning system is beyond their means but the government makes it easier with the tax credits it’s offering for qualified new A/C installations. These tax credits cover up to $300 of the A/C’s cost as an incentive to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency central cooling system. The credit runs through 2013, and also covers qualifying purchases in 2012.

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