Home Safety Precautions That Are A Must This Winter

Home Safety Precautions That Are A Must This Winter

Nov 13, 2012

Does your Florida home have sufficient insulation to keep your indoor temperatures at a comfortable level if the weather takes a cold, harsh turn? If you’re not sure, here are a few home safety tips that can help you be prepared for anything the winter weather sends your way:

  • Always have a plan. Don’t let a power outage catch you unprepared. Have a safety plan should the power go out, and make sure every member of your family knows and understands what it is. Prepare emergency kits and provisions, ensuring that you have plenty of dry goods, foods that you can eat without heating, and batteries and flashlights. Additionally, make sure that you have enough prescription medicines, should you require them. You may not be able to get to the pharmacy for a few days.
  • Ensure that your home’s various detectors are working. Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors perform an important job in keeping you and your property safe. These gadgets will not prevent a fire or carbon-monoxide leak, but they can detect these dangers, so that you and your loved ones can be safe. Check batteries regularly for these devices, and change them at least once a year.
  • Have chimneys and furnaces inspected. Call a professional to check and clean your furnace and chimney. Soot, dirt, dust and other organic debris can build up, which can pose a fire hazard, and result in your furnace working less than optimally to heat your home.
  • Install an air purification system. In winter, most homes remain closed for long periods, allowing dirt and dust to accumulate. With an air purification system in place, health risks are minimized and indoor air quality is maintained.

For more home safety tips and advice, call us at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions. We have been providing expert advice and service in Orlando, Florida since 1969. We offer a complete line of heating and cooling solutions to meet your needs, and can help keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

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