Ductless Mini Split

The Ductless Mini Split: Three Reasons To Give It Serious Consideration

Feb 14, 2012

If installing a new duct system (or extending existing ductwork) is prohibitive for cost, time or convenience reasons, consider a ductless mini split heat pump. These compact systems are a good solution to air condition new home additions or homes without ducts here in central Florida. These energy-efficient pumps work well in our climate to both cool (and heat as needed) local homes.

Ductless mini splits include an compressor located outside and an indoor evaporator/air handler. A conduit connects the two sections, containing refrigerant and suction tubes, condensate drain and the power cable. The many advantages include:

  • Ease of installation: The conduit connection between outside and inside units can be up to 50 feet long and is run through a small hole in the wall. The outdoor compressor can then be placed in a hidden spot or one far from bedrooms to abate any noise.
  • Flexibility of layout: Often, just one outside condenser/compressor can serve up to four air-handler indoor units (covering four separate rooms). This setup is ideal for cooling or heating individual rooms as needed, called zoning, to save money and energy.
  • Design placement options: Floor models are available or indoor units can be hung from the ceiling or incorporated into a drop ceiling. These compact units may also be located high on walls and equipped with remote control. Thin profiles and modern-looking covers blend well with indoor decor.
  • Low energy loss: Duct systems are often responsible for a great amount of energy waste in central forced air conditioning systems. Federal Energy Savers studies indicate that mini-splits may allow you to use 30 percent less energy for cooling/heating, saving money each month on utility bills.
  • Safety: With just a small hole in the wall, there’s little risk of a burglar entering the home as there might be if a window unit or ducts are installed.

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