Repair a Toilet Leak with These Quick Tips

Repair a Toilet Leak with These Quick Tips

Jun 17, 2014

Toilets that leak on a regular basis may not seem like a major concern, but a leaking toilet can really run your water bill up – not to mention the annoying sounds that can fill your home when you’re trying to sleep or just get some peace and quiet. A leaking toilet can also cause serious damage to your bathroom or the foundation of your home if left unchecked for a long period of time. However, identifying and knowing how to repair a toilet leak isn’t always easy for the average homeowner. Use these quick tips to help you.

  • Remove the lid on your toilet. Check the pump and float device to make sure no parts are obviously disconnected. A hose that doesn’t connect the float and stopper for example can easily cause your toilet to run for long periods of time.
  • Check to make sure the seal around the stopper in the bottom of the tank is secure. An air gap between the stopper and the bottom of the toilet can cause your toilet to run continuously. Replace the stopper with a new one if it won’t sit properly.
  • Allow your toilet tank to fill completely and flush it. Add a few drops of dark food coloring to your toilet tank and allow the tank to refill, replacing the toilet lid and waiting about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, check the toilet bowl to see if the water has changed color. If you detect traces of the food color that means you have a leak.
  • Consider calling a qualified plumbing contractor to check your toilet if it continues to run even after you’ve performed these basic diagnostic tests. A leaking toilet doesn’t require emergency service, but you should schedule a repair as soon as possible to avoid potential damage to your bathroom floor and home.

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