Why A UV Light System? Because You Care About Your Indoor Air

Why A UV Light System? Because You Care About Your Indoor Air

Nov 29, 2012

Are you looking for a way to clean and purify your home’s indoor air? Ultraviolet (UV) light consists of very short wavelengths that the human eye cannot see. And while UV radiation can be highly dangerous in high doses, but the use of UV lights can actually be very beneficial when used correctly. One such scenario is by using them in air purifiers to kill pollutants.

Air purifiers that use UV light kill a number of contaminants, including bacteria, mold, viruses and pet dander. They are far more hygienic than filters, which only collect organic matter, and could inadvertently release it into your indoor air, should the filter become damaged or you HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system were to loosen a clog with a hard blast of air.

Similarly, air purifiers often are more suitable than sterilization methods that involve destroying all living organisms, such as UV disinfection, which only removes infectious microbes. In fact, air-purification systems that use UV lights are ideal for allergy sufferers and those who are susceptible to respiratory infections, and recent reports indicates that UV lights reduce the spread of tuberculosis by 70 percent in hospitals. Additionally, many hardware manufacturers, and those of other delicate electronic components, use UV lights in their facilities to protect this equipment.

However, if you’re thinking about installing and using an air purifier in your home, keep in mind not all UV purifiers conform to the same quality standards. To be effective, the purifier must be well designed and targeted at the particular microorganisms that are presenting a problem. Additionally, you should have your HVAC contractor install and maintenance your UV light system, which typically installs directly into your ductwork, where it can kill pollutants in the air before it gets into your indoor environment. Also, plan for annual maintenance, which is necessary to reduce surface disinfection and ensure coil efficiency.

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