Variable Speed Air Handler: How Does It Benefit You?

Why Should You Choose a Variable-Speed Air Handler?

Save money and improve your home’s comfort at the same time
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Oct 15, 2021

For decades, air conditioner and furnace air circulation were limited to on/off operation. When a system with this limited functionality cycles on, the blower delivers at 100 percent output. When it cycles off, the output is zero percent. This back-and-forth alternation between extremes causes indoor temperatures to fluctuate as much as 10 degrees above or below the desired thermostat setting. It also reduces air quality, increases household humidity, and adds lots of noise to the indoor environment.

What Is a Variable-Speed Air Handler?

An A/C unit that has a variable-speed air handler has a motor that can automatically adjust based on the actual cooling needs for the home. The A/C unit can cool more intensely to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat, but then automatically back off once that temperature is reached. The variable-speed air handler feature automatically adjusts the airflow and temperature to maintain the desired room temperature rather than just cycling on and off.

What Are the Benefits of a Variable-Speed Air Handler?

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If you’re looking for a new air conditioning unit to replace an older model, you should look for one that has a variable-speed air handler. There are a lot of benefits to an A/C unit with this feature, from a more comfortable experience to saving money.

Variable Speed Is More Comfortable

One advantage of a variable-speed air handler is that the A/C unit can provide a much more consistent temperature. Instead of the temperature varying by up to ten degrees because the air conditioning shuts off completely when it reaches the desired temperature, an A/C unit with variable speed will just adjust the airflow.

Variable Speed Can Save Money

An A/C unit with a variable-speed air handler is more efficient than one without. This is because this kind of air conditioner uses a slower fan speed and also produces a lower volume of air. As a result, the lower amount of energy, in turn, helps to save homeowners money over the lifetime of the air conditioning unit. This effect continues all year round of the heating system also uses the variable-speed air handler.

Variable Speed Is Quieter

One of the disadvantages of an older style of air conditioning unit is how loud it can get. With a variable-speed air handler, the running of the air conditioner is much quieter. Plus, many come with a sound dampener for an even quieter system.

Variable Speed Improves Air Quality

With a variable-speed air handler in your air conditioning, the air is constantly flowing. This means that air keeps moving through the ducts and the filters and isn’t interrupted by the system shutting itself off.

Variable Speed Decreases Humidity

Air conditioning units that have variable-speed air handlers can also reduce the humidity in your home. Summers in Florida can get extremely hot and humid, so reducing humidity is a must. An A/C unit with a variable-speed air handler has a longer cooling cycle with air moving almost continuously. This means that the system can continue to remove humidity from the air for a higher percentage of the time.

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