Common Home Water Problems a Pro Can Fix Today

Common Home Water Problems a Pro Can Fix Today

Mar 12, 2015

Home water problems can make simple things like getting a drink of water and showering less than pleasant. While the city water supply in Orlando may not be perfect, there’s a lot you can do to ensure the water in your home is clean and healthy.

Hard water: One of the most common home water problems, hard water, can leave scale on your pipes, water heater and other appliances, eventually causing permanent damage. To get rid of any excess minerals that cause hard water, consider having a whole-house water softener installed.

Funky taste and odor: Musty and fishy smells from your water are usually caused by sulfates, often from a nearby sewer or septic tank. Unless you’re dealing with a sulfur or “rotten egg” smell, an activated carbon filter can often solve the problem. Extreme cases may suggest a nearby sewer leak, so if the odor is really overpowering, it’s worth calling a professional plumber.

Sediment: Another common home water problem, sediment buildup is fairly easy to solve. Particles of sand, dirt, clay and other sediment can be efficiently removed from your home’s water supply with a sediment filter.

Hydrogen sulfide: This colorless gas is what causes a “rotten egg” odor in water. Because the gas can corrode your pipes, its presence shouldn’t be ignored. Removing this gas requires several stages of filtration. Your water should be chlorinated, run through a sediment filter, aerated, then run through an activated carbon filter to remove the chlorine.

Cloudy or rusty water: Iron and manganese is often what causes cloudy or rusty water. In addition to discoloration, your water may have a metallic taste and leave brown stains on your laundry and cookware. To clear up your water, install a water softener that’s equipped with an additional iron remover. For very high iron levels, you may have better luck with an oxidizing or colloidal iron filter.

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