Winter Brings a Need to Check Your Furnace

Winter Brings a Need to Check Your Furnace

Nov 17, 2016

Winter Brings a Need to Check Your FurnaceCooler winter weather in the Orlando areas means that you’ll soon be needing to turn on your furnace. For households with a gas furnace, there are several tasks that need to be done to ensure that the heating system works safely and efficiently.

  1. Perform preventive maintenance: Call your HVAC service professional and schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for your furnace. HVAC maintenance helps ensure that your furnace ready to work for another season. Your maintenance technician will check your heating system carefully, making minor repairs and adjustments that boost performance and reduce the chance of mid-winter breakdowns. The technician will also check motors and belts, inspect the ductwork for air leaks, test the controls, and check the ventilation system to ensure harmful carbon monoxide (CO) gas will be removed from your home.
  2. Change air filters: Put fresh new air filters in your furnace to ensure your indoor air is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Filters capture and hold particulates of dust, pollen, and other material, removing it from the air circulating through the heating system. Clean filters also help maintain the airflow that your furnace needs to work properly.
  3. Open and clear air vents: Make sure all of the air vents that allow warm air into your home are opened fully and are not blocked. Remove any obstacles that could hinder air flow, such as boxes, furniture, clothing, rugs, or other material.
  4. Check carbon monoxide detectors: Test all of the carbon monoxide detectors in your home before turning on your furnace for the season. Carbon monoxide (CO) is highly toxic and, if it leaks into your home from your heating system, can be deadly. You can’t see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide, so you need a CO detector that can sense if the gas is present. Put new batteries in your CO detectors before you put your furnace into service.

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