Uneven Heating And Cooling A Problem? A Zoning System Can Take Care Of That

Uneven Heating And Cooling A Problem? A Zoning System Can Take Care Of That

Mar 29, 2012

Uneven heating and cooling in a home can be very frustrating. With central Florida’s high humidity, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home is difficult enough already. A small fluctuation in temperature from room to room is a big deal.

First, try sealing up your home by caulking windows, weatherstripping doors and inspecting your duct system for leaks and damage. However, if you still experience inconsistent temperatures through your home, a zoning system may be your best solution.

Zoning Solutions

A zoning system is a series of automatic volume dampers and thermostats installed within your current heating, cooling, and ductwork systems. The thermostats are installed in strategic locations in rooms or areas (zones). The typical home has three to five thermostats and zones. Each thermostat controls automatic volume dampers located in the ductwork for that zone. The automatic dampers adjust the air distribution based on the thermostat’s readings, delivering independent temperature control in each zone.


A home that has problem areas for heating and cooling may need to run the air full blast to achieve the right temperature in those areas. This uses excess energy, and it still doesn’t make everyone comfortable and happy. A zoning system allows you to condition as few as one zone, or all zones, depending on your current needs — saving money and making everyone happy.

Find Your Zones

To determine the different zones in your home, group areas with similar heating and cooling needs. A zone could be a single bedroom or an entire floor. If your home has any of the following attributes, you may benefit with a zoning system:

  • Uneven temperatures in one or more areas.
  • A home with more than one level.
  • Room additions, rooms over a garage, in the attic or basement.
  • Rooms that receive excessive sun or shade.
  • Family members with different temperature preferences or requirements.

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