A/C Camping Essentials

A/C Camping Essentials

Jul 19, 2018

Don’t let the overwhelming heat of a southeastern summer keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. There is now a good selection of HVAC essentials to keep you cool inside your tent. Several types of air conditioning systems are suitable for cooling tents.

One is a dedicated air conditioner/heater designed especially for tents and campers and the other is the common window air conditioner, set up for tent use. Minus this equipment, you can use solar panels to charge batteries or power fans. Instead of waiting for cooler weather, you can venture out this summer to your favorite places.

What You’ll Need

All air conditioners require electricity to run so you’ll have to select campgrounds where you’ll have easy access to power at your campsite. You’ll also need an extension cord long rated for the amps that the air conditioner pulls. Minus electrical hookups at the campsite, you can use a generator to power the HVAC essentials if the campground allows it in the tent camping area.

The air conditioner/heater designed for tent camping can sit on the ground and hooks up easily to a tent. A window air conditioner can also be adapted to use in a tent by placing it on a stand next to a window. Both will dehumidify the air to some degree.

Minus a source of enough power to run an air conditioner, you can use solar or battery-powered fans to move the air inside the tent. Although portable solar panels don’t have the capacity to power a small A/C, they are large enough to help power your home’s central A/C system.

Lennox offers a solar-assisted HVAC system called SunSource that uses solar energy along with power from the grid. The solar energy it produces reduces your electric bill. If you use the SunSource system with a Lennox heat pump, you’ll save energy dollars year-round.

Instead of waiting for fall and winter, you can venture out this summer to your favorite places by using these HVAC essentials to stay comfortable. For more information, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, providing HVAC services for Orlando area homeowners.

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