Properly Insulate Your Attic Before Winter Weather Hits

Properly Insulate Your Attic Before Winter Weather Hits

Jan 15, 2015

While temperatures in Florida don’t dip below freezing often, it does happen on occasion. And if your home doesn’t contain enough insulation, you’ll end up feeling the chill. Be sure to properly insulate your attic space to keep your home warm. 

Inspect Your Attic’s Current Insulation Level

If you’re living in an older Florida home, you may discover that you don’t have any insulation in your attic space. Newer homes do have some level of insulation, but it may not be enough. You want to make sure you insulate your attic to recommended levels. For warmer climates like Florida, the recommended R-value is R-30.

Choose Your Insulation

The most common types of insulation used in the attic are loose fill and batts. In attics with obstructions or irregular joist sizes, loose fill insulation is the better option. Batt insulation fits tightly between joists to give complete coverage. A common solution is to install batt insulation into the joists and to stop it with loose fill.

Preparing for Installation

Before you start putting down insulation, you need to seal any air leaks. Use an expanding foam to fill cracks around attic windows and pipes that penetrate the attic. Then, use fire-proof sealant around chimneys and flues. Besides blocking air leaks, make sure your roof is in good shape. Water coming through your roof can damage insulation.

Installing Insulation

First, put on the proper equipment to avoid skin and breathing irritations. This includes a dust mask, goggles, work gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and long pants tucked into work boots. Afterwards, install baffles along the roof joists above the eaves. This helps keep air flowing through your attic.

Next, start installing insulation from the edges inward, working towards the attic opening. Make sure you add enough insulation to cover the ceiling joists. This ensures your entire attic floor has a thermal barrier.

There’s a definite bonus for properly insulating your attic space. It will not only help with lowering your winter heating bills, but it will also make cooling your home easier in the summer. Contact Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning Service for more information today.

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