Blown In Insulation -- What You Need to Know About It for Your Home

Blown In Insulation — What You Need to Know About It for Your Home

Sep 2, 2014

Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your existing insulation, learning about the advantages of blown in insulation compared to traditional batts can help when deciding between these two common insulation types.

Although fiberglass material is used to produce both blown in as well as insulation batts, it is far more efficient when blown in directly to the attic and/or walls of your home. The option of blown in cellulose produced from recycled newspapers offers an environmentally friendly alternative to fiberglass.

The benefits of blown in insulation include:

  • Tight, efficient installation. Because the insulating material is literally blown within a barrier, known as a blanket, it will fill even the tiniest cracks, creating a tight, energy efficient seal.
  • Fast installation. After stapling the blanket to 2×4 planks of wood to prevent it from falling out of place, the insulation simply needs to be blown in through a small slit created in the barrier.
  • Reduced allergies and environmentally friendly products. Although blown in insulation is available in traditional fiberglass, it is also available in environmentally friendly materials such as cellulose. These natural materials present less allergy risk to sensitive people when compared to fiberglass, and are much gentler on the planet.
  • Moisture protection. Because even the smallest cracks will be filled when insulation is blown in, your attic will remain essentially moisture proof as long as your blanket remains in excellent condition.
  • Rapid recovery of upfront investment costs. Even though blown in insulation costs a fair amount more than traditional insulation batts, many homeowners will be able to recoup their original investment through energy savings incurred over the first two to four years after the installation of their new insulation.
  • Noise reduction. Since tighter seals are achieved when insulation is blown in as opposed to rolled out in batts, much greater noise reduction is possible with this superior insulation method.

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