Should You Change the Temperature for Pets in the Fall?

Should You Change the Temperature for Pets in the Fall?

Oct 12, 2017

Should You Change the Temperature for Pets in the Fall?In the summer, dogs pant and cats stretch themselves out as far as they can to cool off. When it’s chilly, pets seek out their favorite spots and curl themselves up. Many pet owners take that as a sign of complete comfort and contentment. But is it really?

How Dogs and Cats Regulate Temperatures

According to small animal veterinarians, cats and dogs don’t sweat through their skin or fur. Instead, they use their upper respiratory tract to cool themselves, as well as their paws. When they need to warm up, they stop breathing through their mouths and cats, especially, tuck their paws against themselves.

Many pet owners think that dogs and cats have an advantage over humans because they’re covered head to toe with fur. Vets say that fur helps, but not always. Short-haired breeds will shiver in the cold, and it’s only those with undercoats or long hair that can handle truly chilly temperatures.

Ideal Temperatures

Dogs and cats have higher body temperatures, which also increases their desire for heat, especially in the winter. As a rule, the best temperature for pets sits between 68 and 72 degrees, which are also the best temperatures for you.

Saving Energy and Staying Warm Too

It is possible to keep temperatures comfortable for pets and people without driving up your winter energy bills by:

  • Changing the air filter for your HVAC equipment when it’s dirty.
  • Having the heating system serviced in the fall, along with the ductwork examined for leakage and professionally sealed.
  • Inspecting the shell of your home for air leaks and sealing with caulk or expanding foam.
  • Use cat and dog beds to help them retain body heat at night when you turn the temperature down.

The best temperature for pets and your family are the same. For more information about enjoying them and keeping your energy bills low, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, providing trusted HVAC services for Orlando-area homeowners.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “3194556/Pixabay”