How to Control Dust All Over Your Home

How to Control Dust All Over Your Home

Feb 2, 2017

How to Control Dust All Over Your HomeYou don’t have to suffer from allergies to be affected or disgusted by common household dust. When you consider all of the possible ingredients in dust, however, such as dead skin cells, dust mite parts, mold spores, fiberglass, vermin waste particles and more, controlling dust in your Orlando home becomes quite important. Following are great tips to control dust and more information how your HVAC system can help!

Air Filter

Your heat pump’s air filter can be an ally or adversary for controlling dust. If you clean or change your filter regularly, it’s a great help for removing dust and other contaminants when your home heating or home cooling is running. If you use a disposable fiberglass filter, dispose of it. Instead, use a mid- or high-efficiency filter rated MERV 8 to 12.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Whole-house electronic air cleaners are installed inside your HVAC system, and they use an electrostatic field and metal plates to charge, attract and capture dust and many other harmful airborne contaminants. So, if you want a silent, simple and efficient manner to control the dust in your home, talk to your HVAC professional about electronic air cleaners.

Seal Air Leaks

Preventing airborne contaminants from entering your home in the first place improves indoor-air quality, and it makes your home more energy efficient.

  • Windows: Use a thin line of caulk to stop leaky window frames. Rope caulk is great to use indoors for windows that are seldom opened. Weatherstripping of various materials, such as foam or plastic V-seal, used along sashes stop air leaks and allow windows to open and close freely.
  • Doors: Door sweeps work great to stop drafts beneath entry doors. Silicone tubing is used along the door frame. If you have an attached garage, make sure it is sealed airtight, too.
  • Attic: Seal your attic hatch or door with foam weatherstripping to prevent potentially dirty attic air from entering your living spaces.

If you have any questions about controlling dust in your Central Florida home, or if you would like more information regarding HVAC systems and services, contact Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions today!

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