Make Sure Your Ductless Mini Split Is Working Optimally in Cooler Weather

Make Sure Your Ductless Mini Split Is Working Optimally in Cooler Weather

Oct 15, 2013

Ductless mini splits do a good job of heating homes here in the Orlando area when the weather turns chilly, and you’ll get more comfort from your mini split system if you maintain it before the temperatures fall. Although it’s not often, sometimes the temperatures in our area can dip into the 30s and even lower, at which time your mini split will have to work harder to keep you warm.

Indoor Air Handler

  • Check the air filter for the air handler and clean or replace the filter if it’s covered with dust. Dirty filters slow airflow through the air handler and make the system work harder to meet the thermostat’s setting. It’ll run longer, driving up your electric bill and slowing the heating process. If your mini split has more than one air handler, which is common, make sure you check all the filters.
  • Many mini split air handlers have evaporator coils that are easy to access. They should be cleaned periodically. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust.
  • Check the drain pan that sits at the bottom of the air handler for mold and dust. Wipe away. Although your mini split won’t be condensing water away when it’s in the heating mode, cleaning the pan eliminates a source of mold spores in your home and lowers the dust load inside the air handler.

Outdoor Condensing Unit

  • Clear away any vegetation that’s accumulated around the condensing unit, so that it has clear airflow.
  • The condenser coils in ductless mini splits need to be kept clean for these systems to heat optimally. Check yours for dirt, dust, grass clippings and other debris. If clippings or other material is stuck on the coils, you may need to spray them with a soapy solution to loosen them. Once loose, gently hose off the condenser coil.

Professional Maintenance

An HVAC professional will check the airflow through the system, along with the refrigerant levels. The technician will also clean, tighten and adjust all the parts and inspect the conduit. Technicians use tools and products that will deep-clean the condensing and evaporator coils, as well, boosting efficiency.

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