Preventing Costly Energy Losses In Your Duct System

Preventing Costly Energy Losses In Your Duct System

Feb 23, 2012

Experts agree that the average duct system is subject to significant losses. In fact, Energy Star estimates that most homes will lose an average of 20 percent of the conditioned air that A/C and furnace systems generate. Over the span of a year, those monthly energy losses can add up to a lot of money — wasted money, that is.

So what can you do to avoid these energy losses, and create an efficient duct system?

Seal Ducts

The primary way that ducts lose energy is through leaks in the duct connections, loose connections or holes in the ducts. You can seal ducts with a relatively easy-to-use tool called mastic sealant. Carefully inspect the ducts that you can access, and spread the sealant over the connections. There will be locations you cannot access, however, so you’ll need to hire an expert if you want optimal results. HVAC professionals have access to tools to assess the entire duct system and identify leaks.

And sealing ducts does more than just increase energy savings: It will impact comfort by delivering an even amount of conditioned air all year long, and enhance indoor air quality by protecting you from pollutants that can enter the ducts through leaks — which eventually wind up circulating through your home.


Another factor that influences the efficiency of your ducts is location and insulation. When ducts are located in uninsulated spaces, like a garage or attic, they’re subject to energy losses. When cold air leaves the A/C system, and then travels through a hot garage, the air traveling through ducts will lose some energy, and by the time it arrives in your home, it won’t be as cold as when it left the central A/C system. To counter these energy losses, you can insulate unconditioned spaces where ducts exist, which is a more cost-effective measure than relocating ducts to conditioned spaces.

Get the best results possible from your duct system and minimize energy losses by implementing these tips. For expert help with this or another other home efficiency project, contact the Orlando area’s leading HVAC specialists at Rinaldi’s Air Conditioning.

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