Controlling the "Feels Like" Temperature in Your Home

Controlling the “Feels Like” Temperature in Your Home

May 26, 2016
Controlling the

Controlling the "Feels Like" Temperature in Your HomeDoes your home often feel too chilly or warm when you’re running the HVAC system, but when you check the thermostat reading, it’s displaying what should be a comfortable temperature? The discrepancy you’re experiencing between the actual and “feels like” temperature is most likely due to high humidity and while it’s frustrating, it’s not uncommon here in Florida.

Cooling Equipment and Humidity

When outdoor humidity levels rise, your home’s heat pump or air conditioner can have difficulty meeting the demand to both cool and dehumidify. When the equipment becomes overwhelmed, your home will feel warm and sticky even though it’s reaching the thermostat’s target temperature because there’s still too much moisture in the air.

“Feels Like” Temperature and Equipment Capacity

If the capacity of your cooling equipment doesn’t match the size of your home, the discrepancy between actual and “feels like” temperature can be even greater. Oversized equipment will reach the thermostat’s target temperature too quickly, then cycle off before it can effectively control humidity. This is known as “short cycling,” and it can make your home feel clammy and cold when the HVAC system is running, and too sticky and warm whenever it cycles off.

Eliminating Actual and “Feels Like” Temperature Discrepancies

The gain better control of the “feels like” temperature, you need to keep your home’s indoor humidity level under 50 percent. While it’s best to get the advice of an experienced HVAC pro on how to achieve this in your home, here are some general suggestions.

  • Maintain the cooling equipment — When it operates at maximum capacity and efficiency, your cooling equipment is better able to handle humidity.
  • Schedule a professional system-wide checkup — Have the system checked for proper sizing and get the ductwork inspected too because leaks and other deficiencies can make a humidity control problem worse.
  • Invest in a dedicated dehumidifier — Having a dehumidifier installed on the HVAC system can reduce the cooling equipment’s workload and energy consumption, prolong its service life and increase your comfort.

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