Heating Alternatives: Staying Warm This Winter

Heating Alternatives: Staying Warm This Winter

Nov 14, 2017

Heating Alternatives: Staying Warm This WinterWinter is upon us and you know what that means – time to crank up the heat! Unfortunately, reaching for your thermostat every time you feel cold will allow your heating costs to get out of hand. Here are a few heating alternatives that will help curtail these high costs.

Fire Up the Fireplace

Who doesn’t love a crackling fire on chilly nights? Not only will it help you and your family stay warm, it creates a certain type of ambiance that can’t be denied. As a bonus, it’ll also save you money on heating costs.

Install a Zoning System

There’s no reason to warm up your entire home if only one or two rooms are occupied. A zoning system enables you to “zone” sections of your home, each with its own thermostat. Warming up only part of your home is obviously a lot less expensive than heating up the entire place.

Use a Space Heater

The use of a space heater is yet another way to concentrate your heating efforts in a finite location. These units expend a small amount of energy and will warm up one or two persons within moments.

Install a Radiant Flooring System

Heating up your floor may be the perfect way to keep your home warm without costing a fortune. A radiant floor system is often installed beneath tile flooring but can also be used with other types of flooring like laminate and carpet. Plus, you can step out of bed without sending chills up your spine from your bare feet hitting the ground.

Get Out Those Warm Blankets

If it hasn’t gotten insanely cold in your home yet, you might not need more than a blanket to stay warm. You can even opt for an electric blanket, which will keep you toasty while saving both energy and money.

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