Things to Keep in Mind for HVAC Installation

Things to Keep in Mind for HVAC Installation

Feb 18, 2016

Things to Keep in Mind for HVAC InstallationWhen it’s time to install a new central heating or cooling system in your Central Florida home, there are a number of important factors you’ll want to consider. Choosing and installing the wrong furnace, A/C or heat pump could have long-term negative repercussions in terms of both comfort and energy costs. Consider the following:

Type of system — You’ll want to carefully study your options, whether to go with a four-season heat pump or furnace installation for heating, a heat pump or A/C for cooling, or some other option entirely. The fuel source will need to be considered if you go with a combustion furnace. If your house is already outfitted with natural gas lines and vents, and you want to take advantage of low natural gas prices, a gas furnace can be a valid choice. You can also choose between a fuel oil and propane furnace.

Energy efficiency — HVAC systems come with different energy efficiency levels, and the cost of the new system is almost always directly related to the equipment’s efficiency rating. However, choosing a high-efficiency A/C, heat pump or furnace installation will deliver reduced energy costs over the long run. When and if those cost savings will exceed the cost of the higher-cost HVAC system should be taken into account. With Central Florida’s short and mild heating season, it makes less sense to pay extra for a high-efficiency furnace than it would farther north.

Sizing — With any central heating or cooling system, sizing should never be an afterthought. A professional HVAC technician will conduct a heating or cooling load calculation on your home, considering its size, layout and other factors, then recommend the proper size for your home. Under- or oversizing a furnace or other HVAC system could result in poor efficiency and performance through the life of the equipment.

Advanced features — Talk about available feature that enhance energy efficiency with your HVAC professional. Strongly consider variable-speed and multi-stage operation for both cooling and heating systems.

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