HVAC Maintenance and Replacements: A Timeline

HVAC Maintenance and Replacements: A Timeline

Aug 25, 2016

HVAC Maintenance and Replacements: A TimelineMany homeowners move into a house with a used HVAC system, or else upgrade to a new system, without knowing the maintenance schedule or estimated service life of the equipment. It pays to know these things, however, since you’ll pay a heavy price for a poorly maintained HVAC system, and you won’t be prepared when your system hits the end of its useful service life.

Most experts put the service life of A/Cs and heat pumps at between 10 and 15 years. Gas furnaces last a bit longer, maybe 15-20. However, you’re not powerless in influencing how long your cooling or heating system lasts. One of two main factors is in your control, while another really isn’t (unless you plan to move to another climate).

The factor you can control? That’s maintenance. A well-maintained cooling or heating system will operate more efficiently and safely, and provide better comfort, than a poorly maintained system. You’ll save amply on your energy bills when you follow a recommended HVAC maintenance timeline. Your cooling system should receive a professional maintenance tuneup every year, as should your heating system. If you have a heat pump that provides both cooling and heating, it should receive maintenance once before the cooling season and another time before it gets cold.

Meanwhile, it’s important for you the homeowner to undertake basic do-it-yourself maintenance tasks such as changing the air filter regularly.

The factor you have less control over is the usage that your HVAC system receives. Just like any other mechanical system, an A/C, heat pump, or furnace that’s operating most of the time will come to the end of its service life a lot sooner than a system that doesn’t get used very much. This is largely a function of climate. Here in the Orlando area, your A/C will probably give up the ghost near the short end of the 10-15 year range, while your furnace, if you have one, should last much longer than average.

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