4 Qualities Every HVAC Technician Should Have

4 Qualities Every HVAC Technician Should Have

Aug 17, 2017
4 Qualities Every HVAC Technician Should Have

4 Qualities Every HVAC Technician Should HaveHiring the right HVAC technician requires some savvy. Your heating, cooling and ventilation system is probably the most sophisticated equipment in your home and you don’t want someone unqualified and inexperienced working on it. Following is some advice on how to find the best technician for the job, be it installation or repair.

Top Skills of an HVAC Technician

While the HVAC company you choose should have the right licensing and insurance, as well as a good track record and references, there are individual qualities that distinguish good technicians. These four are among the most important:

  1. Mechanical skills. Obviously, a technician needs the ability to install and repair mechanical equipment. This may be obtained by attending an HVAC school or by apprenticing to a master technician. Skilled technicians need to have expertise in cooling, heating and ventilation systems, as well as ductwork, thermostats and increasingly, sophisticated computerized systems that improve a system’s efficiency.
  2. Communication skills. HVAC technicians generally have to meet with customers and so need the ability to explain often complex issues in laymen’s terms so that the customer understands the basics and can make informed decisions about repair and replacement. The technician also needs to explain the scope of a job, and be able to give a fairly accurate estimate for how long it will take to complete.
  3. Organizational skills. A successful technician needs organizational skills to ensure that the right tools and parts are available, whenever possible, when the house call is made, so that the customer doesn’t have to reschedule the appointment at another time. The company truck should be well stocked; the technician should also try to get an idea of the scope of the work prior to making the call, whenever possible.
  4. NATE certification. The North American Training Excellence certification for HVAC technicians helps assure customers that the technician they hire has been rigorously tested for working knowledge of HVAC systems.

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