Work HVAC Elements into Your Interior Design

Work HVAC Elements into Your Interior Design

Apr 26, 2018
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Interior DesignMost components of your home’s HVAC system are hidden from view, but others like the supply/return registers, thermostat and ductless mini-split units sit fully exposed in plain sight. Completely covering up these unattractive elements can adversely affect the operation of your HVAC, but you can make them less noticeable.

Here’s how to work these necessary HVAC elements into your interior design:


A thermostat needs a central, unobstructed location to accurately monitor the temperature. However, you can hide this homely round or rectangular device from view by:

  • Surrounding it with a photo/framed print collage. To further obscure the control, remove the backing and glass from a similarly-shaped frame and mount it over the thermostat.
  • Hanging decorative pieces made of metal, wood or woven materials on the thermostat wall. Use pieces that contrast with or mimic the device’s shape, and place one with a matching opening over top.

Supply/Return Registers

Blocking off any supply or return registers can result in airflow restrictions that decrease your HVAC’s energy efficiency and lead to component damage. To camouflage these eyesores while maintaining good airflow:

  • Spray or hand-paint an open-weave or scrolled place-mat to contrast with or match the wall color as cover for an ugly louvered wall vent.
  • Build a square frame from wood, then attach cut-to-size ornate perforated metal sheeting on the inside to conceal a big, unsightly return grille. The frame can double as a handy wall shelf if you use wider wood for the top piece.

Mini-Split Unit

Bulky, rectangular mini-split units are typically placed high on a wall, and need adequate airflow clearance, so they take a little more creative effort to disguise:

  • Install open-backed, floor-to-ceiling shelving on the wall around the mini-split.
  • Craft a faux wood beam to surround the unit, then paint it a matching white or off-white. If a darker color suits your decor better, install a slatted cover to conceal the unit, then paint or stain the cover and “beam” your chosen shade.

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