How Can Maintenance Agreements Make Your Life Easier?

How Can Maintenance Agreements Make Your Life Easier?

Oct 20, 2015

How Can Maintenance Agreements Make Your Life Easier?Without proper maintenance, your HVAC system won’t deliver on the manufacturer’s promises of long service life and optimum efficiency. Without a preventative maintenance agreement from your HVAC contractor, receiving that regular maintenance — and any repair service you might eventually need — is a lot less convenient and more costly. The consistent annual attention your furnace and air conditioner receive under the terms of a maintenance agreement not only reduces expenses and sustains performance, it also provides an opportunity for a qualified HVAC technician to detect any incipient problems and take corrective action before it turns into a major breakdown later in the season.

Give yourself the peace of mind you’ll get from having one less home-maintenance issue to worry about. Here’s a rundown of what’s included in a typical maintenance agreement:

Annual Tune-Ups

Every year, at the outset of the heating and cooling season, respectively, your furnace and air conditioner receive a complete preventive maintenance procedure including cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, and testing. This not only maintains the system to the manufacturer’s original specs, but most manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep the warranty valid.

Repair Savings

If your system ever requires service due to normal wear and tear, the agreement provides for a 15 percent discount on parts, labor, and any system accessories you might want to add.

Reduced Expenses

In most households, heating and cooling costs now represent 50 percent of total monthly expenditures for gas or electricity. Any savings in that area add up to a substantial payback. HVAC equipment that is regularly maintained operates more efficiently and cuts energy consumption.

Priority Service

If you ever have to make an emergency call for one of our technicians after-hours or on weekends or a holiday, you’ll get moved to the front of the line for preferential service.

A More Comfortable Environment

Annual tuneups provided by the maintenance agreement keep your systems operating at optimum performance. You get all the heating and cooling comfort your furnace and air conditioner are designed and engineered to deliver.

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