Ornaments Inspired By HVAC Systems

Ornaments Inspired by HVAC

Dec 13, 2018

Ornaments Inspired by HVACThe holidays are coming! Time to decorate your home with wreaths, trees, snowmen, and more. If you’re a bit crafty, you can make all those things yourself, with odds and ends you have around the house. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can make them all using HVAC components.

Here are some HVAC ornaments and decorations you can try.


Start with a length of dryer vent. Glue the ends together into a circle. Spray paint it green, and add some pine cones and holly berries. Finish it off with a big red bow on the bottom, and hang it on your front door to greet any holiday guests.


Take three lengths of dryer vent, of slightly different sizes. Glue each together into rings, as you did with the wreath. Lay each ring down flat, one on top of another, biggest to smallest. Spray paint them white (use textured paint for a snowy look). When it dries, add a few buttons, top hat, scarf, two eyes, carrot nose, and whatever else you think your snowman needs. Glue it to a white A/C filter, to make it look like it’s standing in a snowy field. You can also add some batt insulation on top of the filter, to make it look even snowier.

Christmas tree

Take four or five (or more) lengths of dryer vent, of slightly different sizes. Glue them together into rings, as you’ve been doing. Lay them down flat and assemble them, smallest to largest, gluing them all together. Spray paint them green, add a star at the top, and decorate with garland, strings of beads, and other Christmas-themed HVAC ornaments.


Get six inexpensive, square-shaped air filters. Glue them together into a cube. Spray paint it whatever color you like. Add a bow, and put it underneath your dryer vent tree. Or, with the right kind of filters, leave it white, and it can look like an HVAC unit.

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