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Plumbing Emergency? Use These TipsIt’s not easy to stay calm when a toilet starts to overflow or a pipe ruptures. You can minimize the mess and limit the extent of costly water damage by avoiding panic and learning how to react when a plumbing emergency occurs. These tips can help you cope.

Shut Your Main Water Valve

Make sure you know the location of your home’s main water valve so you can access it quickly when necessary. If you discover that the house is flooding from a burst plumbing pipe or backed up fixture, head there immediately and shut the valve to stop the flow. Then, check visible pipes and each plumbing fixture to find the source the leak or backup and close the nearest isolation valve.

Close the Water Heater’s Gas Valve

Temperature and pressure inside your water heater can increase to hazardous levels if gas keeps flowing after you close the main water valve. To avoid the risk of a potential explosion, shut off the water heater’s gas valve until the emergency is over.

Deal With Leaks

If you have a leaking pipe that’s accessible, put a bucket or other container beneath it to catch the water, then wrap the damaged area with duct tape. To temporarily stop a leak around a threaded connection, use Teflon or plumber’s tape. Then, clean up any mess with a mop, rags and/or old towels.

Address Clogs and Backups

If a toilet or kitchen sink is backing up, try to clear the blockage using a forced cup plunger. To unclog a bathroom sink, shower or bathtub drain, use a regular cup plunger. If several of your plumbing fixtures are backing up simultaneously, plunging individual ones won’t help because the blockage is likely in the main sewer line.

Get Professional Help

Call a reputable, licensed plumber who offers emergency service. While you’re on the phone, give them as many details as possible about what’s going on and what you’d done to deal with the situation so far.

For more tips about dealing with a plumbing emergency in your Orlando home, contact us today at Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions.

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