Signs Your Plumbing System Is Due for an Upgrade

Signs Your Plumbing System Is Due for an Upgrade

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Apr 16, 2022

A reliable home plumbing system is something we all take for granted today, so it’s often a shock when unexpected, age-related problems develop. If the system that delivers water throughout your home is getting older, you can prevent unnecessary headaches and costly household damage by learning the signs to watch for that warn you it’s time for a plumbing upgrade. If you see these signs, you should have your plumbing professionally assessed to determine if it is indeed time to upgrade.

Your Plumbing Is Old

Nothing lasts forever, even your plumbing system. Typically, the metal used in older plumbing systems can last for around 60 years. If you live in an older home and don’t know when the pipes have last been updated, you should keep an eye out for other signs that it’s time to upgrade. Age alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to upgrade right away, but you’re much more likely to experience plumbing problems

Your Water Pressure Is Low

If you have low water pressure and your efforts to fix it haven’t been successful, that’s a sign that your plumbing system might be due for an upgrade. There may be leaks in your plumbing that aren’t obvious but that are still reducing your water pressure and even possibly causing water damage within your home.

There Are Leaks

A leak in one location may just signify that a part needs to be replaced in that one part of the system. Consistent leaks or several minor leaks in multiple places are a sign that your entire plumbing system may be ready for an upgrade. If you see water stains around pipes or drains, then there may be leaks in your plumbing.

The Water Is Discolored

Rusted broken pipes

If the water coming out of your faucets is discolored, then that’s a sign of rusting in your pipes. Brown or orange, in particular, are common colors when the pipes are rusty. Rusty pipes need to be replaced so that rust isn’t getting into your bath and drinking water.

There Is Evidence of Decay

Another sign that your plumbing needs to be replaced is if the pipes are showing signs of decay. Discolored water is one sign of this, but if you notice dimpling, flaking, or discoloration on the pipes themselves, then those pipes are decaying and need to be upgraded. You can check the pipes that are easily accessible, such as the ones located under sinks or near the hot water heater, for signs of this kind of decay.

Your Pipes Are Draining Slowly

Sometimes pipes just get clogged up. This is mostly true of the shower, which can clog with hair, or toilets. But sometimes clogs or slow draining is a sign of a larger problem with your plumbing. Slow draining can be a sign of the vents in your pipes getting damaged or blocked.

Your Pipes Are Galvanized

If you have galvanized pipes, especially if they’re getting older, they may need to be replaced. Over time, galvanized pipes can corrode, leading to rust getting into your water supply. The outside of galvanized pipes was treated to prevent rusting, but the inside was not.

Your Pipes Are Made of Incompatible Materials

If some of your plumbing system was upgraded but not all of it, then the pipes may be made of different materials. The metals may end up deteriorating more quickly than normal because they’re not compatible with each other. A dielectric union between the two different pipes could help to prevent this problem, but if one wasn’t installed with your pipe upgrade, then you may have decaying pipes on your hands.

There Are Cracks in Your Pipes

If you can see cracks in the visible pipes either under the sink or near your hot water heater, then those pipes need to be replaced. These pipes could leak or have other problems.

Your Pipes Are Made of Lead

If your pipes are made of lead, then they should be replaced because they’re dangerous. Lead can leak into the water and from there cause slowed growth and learning disabilities in children. It can also cause health problems in adults, including reproductive problems and kidney issues.

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