What Type of Insulation is Best for Your Orlando Home?

What Type of Insulation is Best for Your Orlando Home?

Dec 25, 2014

Your home’s insulation is one of the most important factors that influence how comfortable your Orlando home is. Because no single type of insulation is right for every situation, it pays to invest some time into learning about your options before choosing.

Loose-fill (blown-in) – This insulation features small chunks of material that are blown into place using a blower machine. This installation method makes it easy to add insulation to existing walls and floors without the need of major construction work.

Because the small pieces fill cracks and crevices thoroughly, loose-fill insulation provides a highly effective barrier against air infiltration and heat transfer. This insulation is most commonly made of fiberglass or cellulose, although mineral wool is also available. While fiberglass is somewhat cheaper, cellulose is more efficient and safer to work with. Mineral wool is known for its exceptional ability to block noise, but it requires the same handling care as fiberglass.

Batts – Possibly the best-known type of insulation, these long sheets of material are designed to fit between the floor and ceiling joists. They’re placed by hand, so special equipment is needed.

The down side of batts is that they don’t fill small spaces as effectively as loose-fill, and installing them in existing walls and floors requires opening up your structure. Batts are available in fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool and other materials, such as cotton and sheep’s wool.

Rigid foam – These stiff boards are made of polyurethane or another synthetic material. With R-values as high as R-6.5 per inch, it’s one of the most efficient insulation types out there. It’s highly effective against moisture infiltration, which reduces risk of mold problems.

It’s also safe to handle and install by yourself. Although rigid foam is most often used to insulate crawlspaces and basement rim joists, it can be used in the attic, walls and any other part of your home.

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