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The Benefits of Using a Dehumidifer in the Spring

The Benefits of Using a Dehumidifer in the Spring

Here in Florida with its subtropical climate, the average annual humidity level is a high 74 percent. The level spikes in spring and summer, because warmer air holds more moisture. If you’re seeing the effects of high indoor humidity this spring, now’s the...

Improve Comfort by Installing a Dehumidifier

Orlando’s humidity levels are above 50 percent for the majority of the year, well above the ideal range of 30 to 50 percent. Staying cool in this muggy air requires using a dehumidifier along with air conditioner. Here are some reasons to choose a whole-house...

Take Control of Humidity With a Whole House Dehumidifier

A home with high humidity is very uncomfortable. Sleeping becomes difficult and you may have that sticky feeling all day. High humidity can also cause a mildew or musty odors. The solution may be a whole house dehumidifier. Air pulled return ducts has the moisture...

Sizing a Dehumidifier for Your Orlando Home

When humidity takes over your Orlando home, it threatens the comfortableness and health of your indoor air quality. Too much moisture in your home increases the chance of fungal growth, aggravates allergy symptoms, stains walls and ceilings, causes musty odors to...

Dehumidifiers: The Solution For Damp Homes

Humidity outside, particularly in the summer, is a fact of life in the Orlando area. However, humidity in your home is not something you have to live with. Installing and using a dehumidifier is one way to tackle the problem of a damp home. Humidity is the amount of...
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