4 HVAC Considerations for Fall Parties

4 HVAC Considerations for Fall Parties

Oct 17, 2017

4 HVAC Considerations for Fall PartiesBetween the upcoming holidays, cooler weather, and football season, the fall season is a great time to invite family and friends over to your home. If you want guests to have the best time possible, though, there are a few HVAC considerations that you should be concerned with. To help you out, we’ve compiled four tips that will ensure the success of these fall parties.

Tip #1: Lower the Temperature

There’s a good chance that your party will include the use of your oven (pizza and buffalo wings, anyone?), which will raise the temperature in your home. Because of this, you can lower your thermostat a few degrees. This will lower your energy costs and prevent your home from getting too warm, especially if your thermostat’s sensor isn’t close to the kitchen.

Tip #2: Call a Technician

As you’re probably already aware, it’s recommended that you get an annual check-up of your HVAC system by a certified technician. This will keep it operating properly and efficiently. Fall is the perfect time to get this particular task accomplished.

Tip #3: Check the Filter

Air filters get clogged up somewhat quickly, which is why replacement is necessary every 1-3 months. A clogged filter not only hurts your system’s efficiency but will allow more contaminants to enter your air. As you can imagine, this isn’t a good thing for your guests. Fix this problem by replacing the filter if it’s dirty.

Tip #4: Rid Your Home of Dust

Dust can be irritating to guests, especially if any of them suffer from respiratory issues. Vacuuming carpets and/or sweeping hardwood or laminate flooring will go a long way to removing dust, but we would also suggest that you wipe everything down with microfiber cloths, which will collect the dust instead of spread it around.

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