Ways to Maintain Your Furnace in the Summer

Ways to Maintain Your Furnace in the Summer

May 16, 2017
Ways to Maintain Your Furnace in the Summer

Ways to Maintain Your Furnace in the SummerAs a homeowner, there’s a good chance that you’re always on the lookout for ways to protect your home. You may not realize it, but maintaining your furnace in the summer should definitely be on your list. To get you started, here are a few simple tips to follow:

Schedule Maintenance

You may already be aware that annual maintenance of your furnace by a qualified technician should be done to keep up its energy efficiency and prolong its operational life. What you may not know is that summer is the perfect time to make this happen, since you won’t be pressed for time as you would once winter arrives and you’re freezing your toes off.

Check/Replace the Filter

It doesn’t take long for dirt and debris to clog up your furnace’s air filter. These filters must be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on the system’s usage and air cleanliness. There’s a good chance you didn’t check the filter at the end of last winter, so now’s the time to take a look and replace it, if necessary.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Gas leaks can be deadly, so it’s important that your home has at least one carbon monoxide detector per floor. This will keep your family safe. And if you already have a carbon monoxide detector or two, replace the batteries and use its testing feature to make sure it’s working properly.

Clean the Furnace

Even when your furnace has the best filter on the market, the interior of the system itself can be filled with dirt and debris. To keep the furnace operating at peak efficiency, give the system a thorough cleaning. Before you begin, though, it’s important to unplug the system because you’ll also want to check for any burned or blackened wires, and replace them if necessary.

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